The company started its operation way back in 1951 as a blacksmith in a small shop and then turned into a metal can production facility. The company then moved to its existing location, expanding its production lines and services in other sectors.

The main sale office and production facility are in Nicosia. Customer profile of our company varies from construction companies to estate agents, tourism sector initiatives, business centers and individuals.

The main competitive advantage of our company is its know-how gained through over 50 years of experience in producing solar energy systems according to specific needs of our customers and provisions of existing infrastructures. Our Company does not only produce and sell energy systems, water storage tanks or containers, but also provides consultancy on products themselves, set-up of the systems, assessment of existing foundation and infrastructure, system development and design, operation, maintenance and safety.

A Message from the Chairman

As the leader of solar energy sector, our company is continuously investing in new technologies to improve the efficiency and capacity of solar energy systems and to diversify its products in 2000s.

Water storage tanks large containers and other products are produced with PURE polyethylene raw material. We import untouched raw material suitable for food codex from Middle East and Europe and we do not use recycled materials sold in the local market.

Today we produce high efficiency solar energy systems with unique insulation technology.

Our company exports highly efficient closed systems collectors/solar panels and hot water tanks with premium insulation.

Kemal Paralik Metal Isleri Ltd. has been working to strengthen its core competencies and develop a socially responsible approach so that it maintains its leadership in the market. The commitment to provide quality services and products allow the company to adopt an innovative approach to new technologies and systems and a protective approach at the same time to the environment and social values.

In addition to production and sale of high performance solar energy water heating systems, our company imports highly efficient closed system collectors and hot water tanks (boilers) and provides installation and maintenance of such systems. We produce large volume polyethylene water storage tanks. We extended our services in 2010 such as products on water supply and circulation, treatment and filtration and their installation and maintenance services. We import and sell water filtration and wastewater treatment systems and provide expert opinion and consultancy on solution to a specific need in this particular area too. Our solutions to meet special needs include, but are not limited to: Large scale thermal water heating systems with solar energy; The construction of warehouses and large buildings with panels for roof and walls held by our own produced metal frameworks; Heat pumps for interior heating and cooling systems compatible with water heating solar energy systems; Water and wastewater treatment systems

Kemal Paralik Metal Isleri Ltd. is ISO 9001 certified. Our production facilities are at European standards. From production to sale, installation and consultancy, we operate with high efficiency and provide services at high quality.

K. Paralik Metal İşleri Ltd. is committed to adopt internationally best practices to promote environmental protection and sustainable consumption of natural resources while continuing to take actions to achieve economic development regardless of the community rules and legislation.

A company environmental policy has been developed in 2008, which includes basically the promotion of sector based initiatives and collaboration with civil society organizations to protect the environment and to encourage the protection of the environment, conciliating the environment with economy, ethics and the community.

Every year, our company gets involved in projects (1) to develop community environmental consciousness; (2) to undertake initiatives for educational purposes; (3) to create discussion platforms and to collaborate with other stakeholders (4) to get involved in public private partnerships in order to mitigate negative effects of any actions on the environment.

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