System Development and Design

Customised System Development and Design

In order to meet the specific needs of our clients, Kemal Paralik Metal İşleri Ltd. invests highly in production development, design and planning. As a result, our company designs, develops and delivers customized systems to meet the varying demands of industrial projects, commercial buildings and single dwellings.

Our business is more than manufacturing products or implementing or installing stand-alone products to meet standard customer needs. Moreover, we are highly involved in the development and design of customized projects to meet the more complex and specific needs of customers from different sectors.It is therefore of paramount importance to understand the needs of each and every one of our customers. We also conduct analysis and feasibility studies that would lead to the design and development of the most suitable project to meet your needs. On-site inspections, customer needs, efficiency, high performance and the allocated budget are only few of the issues we consider during the planning phase.

Our project development team works closely with our engineering team to design individual projects. In line with the design, we then move into the final stage where we develop and produce the end product.

Our after-sales team will then install the product at the customer’s premises and then ensure the maintenance of the product throughout its operation.

Some of our customised solutions for specific needs include, but are not limited to: large scale thermal water heating systems with solar energy; the construction of warehouses and large buildings with panels for roof and walls held by our own produced metal frameworks or steel beams and steel frames; heat pumps for interior heating and cooling systems compatible with water heating solar energy systems; water and wastewater treatment. For more information on customized projects please visit our page Solutions for Specific Needs

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