Kemal Paralik Metal İşleri Ltd. utilizes its wide range of products by designing projects according to specific needs. We design and develop customized projects by incorporating the most efficient and effective products that would meet the needs of our customers.

The set-up of heat pumps for interior heating and cooling systems is yet another area in which Kemal Paralik Metal İşleri Ltd. specializes in. We design and implement systems for different building types to meet the needs of our customers.

Our environmentally friendly air-source heat pump systems provide %100 energy from the air, are compatible with solar thermal power units and can provide efficient heating and cooling for your building. As they use less energy than traditional heating methods, reduce carbon emissions and have significantly lower running costs than traditional energy sources they are becoming more widely used not only in households, but hotels, dormitories, hospitals and commercial buildings.

Our project team will design and implement this renewable technology in the most efficient manner to not only help lower your energy bills but to also lower your carbon footprint.