Paralik Group: Leading the way in solar energy. to progress. in technological developments. to success.

The roots of our company Kemal Paralik Metal İşleri Ltd. goes back to 1951 where the company started operations as a blacksmith. Then in 1979 the company expanded its product categories and evolved into a production company of solar energy systems for water heating, water storage tanks and large containers. The company also extended its services and started to provide services for installation in addition to setting up systems. Since its foundation, Kemal Paralik Metal İşleri Ltd. is the market leader protecting its core competencies and respecting and considering the market forces and customer requirements.

The company was founded by deceased Kemal Paralik. The 5,000m2 main sale office and production facilities are in Nicosia. The customer profile of the company varies from construction companies to estate agents, tourism sector initiatives, business centers and individuals.

Kemal Paralik Metal Işleri Ltd. is experienced in producing solar energy systems according to the specific needs of the customers and provisions of existing infrastructures. The company does not only produce and sell energy systems, water storage tanks or containers, but also provides consultancy on products themselves depending on the services provided by the company on the assessment of existing foundation and infrastructure. We also develop solar energy systems, provide technical designs, consultancy and guidance with operation, maintenance and safety.

Our Milestones