TRNC’s Local Company Paralik is Exporting Boilers and Solar Panels

Kemal Paralik Metal İşleri Ltd. started to operate way back in 1951 as a blacksmith. The company has ever since made investments and evolved to expand its production line. Today the company’s facilities produce solar energy system at world standards. Moreover, despite all the embargoes, the company is breaking new ground by exporting water heating and solar energy systems abroad.

As of 2016 Paralik Ltd. has been exporting 15% of its production

Kemal Paralik Metal İşleri Ltd. exports its products to Middle Eastern and North African countries. 15% of the company’s production is sent to foreign markets.

In addition to its standard production, the company also produces customised products and systems to meet the special needs of its clients and actively works towards strengthening its position in foreign markets.

The company’s mass production contributes to the local economy through employement and added-value. Therefore, Paralik calls for the public to prefer local products. While embracing the principle that ‘unproductive countries are doomed to perish’, the company strives to expand and advance its production line.

While continuously investing in the termosiphone sector, strengthening its infrastructure and bringing new technologies to our country, Paralik is competing with import solar panels and boilers of low cost and poor quality.

In order to increase the product quality and standard in our country and furthermore help develop our industry it is imperative to support and prefer local products.