Levent Tuğla

Levent Brick 650 kW GES Project Haspolat Nicosia

Our Company on "Biz Üretiyoruz"

A program about our company with Sibel Paralik providing an insight about the company and its activity sector.


A commercial on our products and how to reach us.

News About Our Sweepstake

A news about the winners of our sweepstake aired on Genç TV.


A commercial on water/wastewater treatment and water tanks.


A commercial on a variety of our products.

Introductory Film

An introductory video about Kemal Paralik Metal İşleri Ltd. in Arabic.


A commercial on electricity generating photovoltaic systems

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  • Address: Industrial Area, 1 Cad., No:13, PK 808, Nicosia via Mersin 10 Turkey

  • Phone: +90 392 225 2988 | +90 392 225 5154 | 444 DEPO (3376)

  • Fax: +90 392 225 3278

  • Email: info@paralikgroup.com

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